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Disclosure Requirements

eDisclose Disclosure Requirements   Who is required to disclose—Covered Individuals:  Who is required to disclose to the Office of Outside Interests?  When should Covered Individuals disclose?   OOI’s Disclosure Review Process  Once submitted via eDisclose, all disclosures are reviewed by OOI staff and/or the SOM Committee on Outside Interests. Disclosures determined to be higher-risk financial Interests and/or […]

Fast Facts & FAQ

What policies do I need to abide by as a SOM member?  How do I know if my outside activities are related to research?   Is my outside activity related to my institutional responsibilities?  Can I redirect my financial interests to JHU?  Can I waive my rights to royalties?   Can I engage in research related to […]

Engaging in Outside Interests

Engaging in Outside Activities When a covered individual intends to initiate an outside activity and/or interest in an outside entity, the arrangement should be administered under a private agreement between the covered individual and the entity. JHU (Johns Hopkins University) and the Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS) are not parties to, and therefore do not […]

Team Members

Amir Tsemach Director atsemac1@jhmi.edu Ashley Carpenter Sr. Outside Interests Associate acarpen7@jhmi.edu Debora Mace Conflict of Interest Specialist dmace1@jhmi.edu Mel Dereje Policy Associate mdereje1@jhmi.edu Brian Bittner Research Integrity & Outside Interests Specialist bbittne2@jhmi.edu Kischa Singleton Senior Administrative Coordinator Ksingle2@jhu.edu The Committee on Outside Interests  Voting Members:  Non-Voting Members:  

Annual Disclosures

Annual Certification  Full-time faculty and salaried part-time faculty in the School of Medicine must complete an Annual Certification. The purpose of the Annual Certification is to confirm that the OOI and department directors have a complete, accurate, and up-to-date account of your reportable outside activities and/or financial interests.   Annual Certification does not affect the obligation […]

Education & Training

COI (Conflicts of Interests) Education and Systems Training All Covered Individuals under The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Policies on Professional Commitment and Conflict of Interest are required to take and pass the Conflict-of-Interest Training Module.  The minimum course required to be COI training compliant is:  Conflict of Interest Training Module   You may receive notifications […]


Disclose: eDisclose   Email: policy@Jhmi.edu   Phone: 410-361-8667  The Office of Outside Interests Staff   Amir Tsemach, LLB, Director – Atsemac1@jhmi.edu    Mel Dereje, Assistant Director – mdereje1@jhmi.edu    Ashley Carpenter, MA, Senior Outside Interests Associate – acarpen7@jhmi.edu    Debora Mace, Conflict of Interest Specialist – dmace1@jhmi.edu    Brian Bittner, Research Integrity & Outside Interests Specialist – bbittne2@jhmi.edu    Kischa Singleton, Senior Administrative […]


Background on Individual Outside Interests In order to disseminate their knowledge and expertise outside the institution, SOM faculty members engage in a variety of outside activities. While JHU supports and encourages these activities, it is important to recognize, that the interests and time commitment that may be associated with providing services under a private agreement to […]