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Annual Certification  
Full-time faculty and salaried part-time faculty in the School of Medicine must complete an Annual Certification. The purpose of the Annual Certification is to confirm that the OOI and department directors have a complete, accurate, and up-to-date account of your reportable outside activities and/or financial interests.  

Annual Certification does not affect the obligation to disclose outside activities and/or financial interests as they arise and before proposing related research. It is essential that disclosures be made in a timely manner. Late disclosure may lead to serious consequences. 

Annual Certification FAQS

When do I complete my Annual Certification? 

Annual reporting runs from January through May each year. Faculty members who are required to complete the certification will be notified via e-mail when their Annual Certifications are due. They will also receive weekly e-mail reminders during their department’s month-long completion period. 

How can I access my Annual Certification? 

The Annual Certification is accessible via eDisclose, the online outside interests’ disclosure system. Faculty members will be notified via e-mail when their Annual Certifications are due. Contact the Office of Outside Interests for additional information. 

User Guides are available under the Help Desk tab of  eDisclose for users of the system. If you need additional help, please contact us directly at

What happens if I do not complete my Annual Certification? 

Completion of the Annual Certification is mandatory for all full-time and salaried part-time faculty. If you do not complete your annual certification within the time frame, you will be referred to your department administration and then the Vice Dean of Research for follow-up. Failure to complete the Annual Certification as required may be reviewed under the Procedures for Dealing with Issues of Professional Misconduct. 

I have submitted all my disclosures. Why am I still getting reminders to complete the Annual Certification? 

Thank you for submitting updates to your disclosures. Submitting and/or updating your disclosures is a separate activity from completing the Annual Certification. To complete the Annual Certification, log in to eDisclose and click the link on the left side that says, “Complete Annual Certification.” Follow the instructions in the pop-up box. You should receive a notification by email when you complete the Annual Certification. 

Do all my disclosures need to be approved to complete Annual Certification? 

No. Your pending disclosures will be noted as such on your Annual Certification form so that you may review for accuracy. You should complete annual certification regardless of whether OOI has been able to review your activity submission, if the information shown to you is accurate.