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Engaging in Outside Interests

Engaging in Outside Activities

When a covered individual intends to initiate an outside activity and/or interest in an outside entity, the arrangement should be administered under a private agreement between the covered individual and the entity. JHU (Johns Hopkins University) and the Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS) are not parties to, and therefore do not review and/or sign, private agreements. 

All outside activities and/or interests administered under private agreements must adhere to the JHU, SOM (School of Medicine) and JHM (Johns Hopkins Medicine) policies and practices. Covered individuals are personally responsible for ensuring that private agreements and outside activities comply with JHU, SOM, and JHM policies. To protect your personal interests, it is recommended that you consult your own attorney or other professional advisor before signing private agreements. 

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Examples of Outside Activities Requiring Disclosure 

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Specifically Prohibited Outside Activities  

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The JHU Rider  

You may wish to consider appending the JHU Rider to your agreement. The Rider, if entered into a private agreement without modification or editing by you or the entity to which you plan to provide the outside service, will cause your private agreement to follow applicable policies.  

Prior to signing any private agreement and/or providing outside services, you must disclose the proposed arrangement for review in eDisclose. This disclosure requirement is applicable regardless of whether you use the Rider. 

Covered Individuals are not allowed to direct their personal consulting income to any University account, including a university research or discretionary account. Direction of compensation for Outside Activity to a University account is prohibited.  

JHU Rider: download application.

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