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What policies do I need to abide by as a SOM member? 

How do I know if my outside activities are related to research?  

Is my outside activity related to my institutional responsibilities? 

Can I redirect my financial interests to JHU? 

Can I waive my rights to royalties?  

Can I engage in research related to IP JHTV (Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures) assigned back to me and/or other inventors? 

Can I be an author on an outside entity’s research project? 

When do I have to Disclose? 

Where do I disclose? 

What do I need to Disclose? 

What are University responsibilities? 

What counts as family for disclosure purposes?

Is there anything I should not disclose?

Gifts (JHU SOM Policy on Gifts to Faculty Members and Staff Physicians ( 

Medical Legal  


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Related Policies and Regulations    

The Office of Outside Interests (OOI) works closely with other JHU and JHM offices to administer policies that are related to the review and determination of outside activities. OOI was established pursuant to federal regulations regarding objectivity in research and/or conflicts of interests.   

Federal Regulations:  

  • PHS/ Promoting Objectivity in Research – 42 CFR 50, Subpart F, Promoting (link
  • PHS/ Regulations on Research Misconduct – Title 42 Chapter I Subchapter H Part 93 (link)  
  •  FDA/ Financial Disclosure by Clinical Investigators, Part 54, Chapter 1 of 21 CFR (link)


  • The Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME)  
  • JHU SOM’s policy regarding graduate students engaging in outside activities (link
  • Non-Clinical Extracurricular Activity (or Moonlighting) Request Form (link)  
  • Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV)  
  • JHU’s policy regarding intellectual property (link
  • The Institutional Review Board (IRB)  
  • IND/IDE Policy and approval process (link
  • The Office of Research Misconduct (link
  • Rules and Guidelines for the Responsible Conduct of Research (link
  • Institutional COI policy:   


  • The Office of Interaction with Industry  
  •  Johns Hopkins Medicine Policy on Interaction with Industry (link